How can I put cream on my back?

How can I put cream on my back?

There’s no denying that applying cream to your back can be tricky.  Sometimes you just don’t want to ask a stranger for help, or your kids/partner or friends are not around or perhaps you are along in your bathroom at home, in the garden or at a tanning salon. No matter what your body shape, […]

Back Scratchers Are The Solution But Why Do People Struggle To Reach The Middle of Their Backs?

When you look at some of the things human bodies can do, we’re capable of some pretty exceptional things. So, you could be left wondering why out of all the amazing things we are able to do – why we can’t scratch our own backs. The only thing it can really be put down to […]

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BackBliss BackBliss Replacement Pad Development & Manufacture

One of the things that we are most proud of here at BackBliss is our lotion applicators and the materials these are made from. When Caroline first decided to create the lotion applicators in 2001, she wanted to make something that stood out from the rest of the market and exceed customers expectations. The truth is […]

113 specially designed itch busting cones

Buying A Back Scratcher For Christmas? When Is A Back Scratcher No Good?

Why not consider a back scratcher if you’re looking for a practical, affordable present to give a loved one? No one wants to put up with an itchy back and the fact of the matter is that there isn’t always someone around to help scratch it!  So, by giving someone a back scratcher this Christmas […]

Don’t Have A Back Scratcher Handy? Alternatives You’ll Find Around The Home

There is probably nothing more annoying that an itch you just can’t scratch. Most of the time we’re lucky that any itches that happen on our body, we can reach and within seconds they are relieved. The problem comes when the itchiness is in an area we can’t reach, because then it comes a real […]

Back Scratcher Made in UK

Will A Back Scratcher Keep Your Girlfriend Happy This Christmas?

If you really want to keep the female in your life happy this Christmas, then considering a present such as a back scratcher could be the answer to all of your problems! Whilst a back scratcher might not seem like the most romantic and extravagant gift you can buy, it’s something that is practical and […]

Scratching Own Back

Buy Your Man a Back Scratcher This Christmas – he’ll ooh and arh!!!!

At first glance buying a back scratcher as a Christmas present might not seem like the most exciting present you can buy, but you can be sure that your man will thank you for it. With Christmas fast approaching now is the time to start thinking about what we’re going to buy our loved ones. […]

Apply Body Lotion Regularly

How best to treat dry skin

How best  to treat dry skin – its important to know to avoid making the situation worse.  Keeping the skins naturals oils in balance is the key. Regular application of body lotion An essential part of any beauty regime should be the application of body lotion on a regular basis. Ideally this should be daily […]

apply fake tan to back

Best way to apply fake tan

It may seem obvious, but if you adopt a good skin care regime all year round, you will find that it is far easier to achieve a natural looking golden skin by applying fake tan during the winter months. Regular exfoliation and moisturising is essential. Smooth, supple skin will be more receptive to applying fake […]